Simple survival tips for Monday


What do you do to get over a heavy weekend of eating and/or partying? How do you start your week positive after a long, indulgent weekend?
The inability to focus, lack of energy, migraine, head aches, and that terribly bloated feeling will destroy anyone’s mood on Monday morning.

Dr Nyambura Mburu is a U.K. based Consultant Physician and Obesity Management expert. and wrote on the Star Newspaper in An august article that

The liver is one of our most important organs. It works hard to filter and detoxify the blood. It is, therefore, the organ that is primarily targeted by these industries, as evidenced by the popularity of ‘liver cleanses’. The truth is that a healthy liver is perfectly able to handle toxins without the need for a cleanse, herb or tincture

To begin, start your day with a glass of lemon water. If you wish you can add honey, and cayenne pepper. It does wonders for the digestive track and boots immunity. Another added benefit of having lemon water is that if you do it the first thing on an empty stomach, the body can more easily soak up all the cleansing benefits of the lemon.

It also helps to detox if you drink green tea.

The second thing you should do is skip your morning coffee.

Too much caffeine will dehydrate your body and make you feel even more tired. Opt for healthier and milder sources of caffeine like green tea instead.

Do catch-up work quietly for the first half of the day — read email, newsletters, blogs, and articles. Recharge your imagination and then plan for the week.

Plan a midday/lunchtime walk with a friendly co-worker. The fresh air will do you good especially if your job demands alot of sitting at the desk.
Dear Classic 105 fam, we would love to hear your natural remedies in the comments section below.

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