Simple practices to embrace to avoid being broke

Being broke is tough, being broke because of misusing money is worse.

Here are our tips on how to avoid this situation guys;

Tokeo la picha la bankrupt

Change your thinking

You should change your mindset on how you handle your money matters. A change of mindset allows you to think carefully before spending any coin on anything.

Reducing expenses

Are you an impulse buyer just because you have spare cash? At times you splurge  just because you have extra money. Moderation is key here.

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Saving money

This can really help you save a lot of money that can be useful once you run out. Especially if you are in table banking and such saving groups, it will help you to spend less money as you save more. This will also help you to attain your goals in life.

Tokeo la picha la saving money

Create extra income

When you depend on one income it will be costly as money is spent on a daily basis. You can start a business and find other jobs to do such as online jobs that earn you extra income especially if the current job is not paying well.

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Wise spending

If you spend money to show off chances are you are going to misuse it. Have a wise way of spending money on the necessities and basics and limit luxury.

Live your life

Most people make a mistake of living lives of other people who happen to be having more than them. This may lead to you being broke. Understand you lifestyle, class and live by it. Do not try to live a life that you cannot manage to afford. Appreciate your own lifestyle and work towards making it better.

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Make money plans

Every penny you spend should be well budgeted. Have a plan on how you going to spend your money either in doing shopping and go as per the planned budget.

Tokeo la picha la money budget

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