Okari and Nixon Korir

Similarities between Dennis Okari’s wedding and that of Nixon Korir

Dennis Okari and Langata MP Nixon Korir wedded over the weekend and it’s hard to ignore the similarities between the two weddings.

There are also major differences and here they are

1. They are both famous in their own right

Hate or love him Dennis Okari is a celebrity, the young and the old sing his name on the other hand Nixon is also a celeb.

In an interview on Viusasa, Lilian Muli when asked who the most handsome politician of the sitting August House, quickly said MP Nixon Korir.

“It has to be Korir, Lang’atta MP. I mean he is hot. from his dressing to his speech. Nixon Korir.”

That goes on to show that he is not just the guy next door.

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nixon k 1

2. Both weddings were invites only

There was no chance for gate crushing in both weddings thus it was invites only.

3.  Wedding was attended by the high and the mighty

Nixon’s wedding was attended by the creme de la creme of the Kenyan society. Among those who attended included DP William Ruto’s wife Rachel and their son Nick and Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett.

On the other hand Okari’s wedding was attended by his fellow journalists Ken Mijungu, Olive Burrows among others.

Also in attendance was Bonfire proprietors Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu.

Differences between Okari’s wedding with Betty Kyallo and with Naomi

nixon k 2

There were two major differences between the two weddings and these are

-Nixon’s wedding was a garden wedding held at Karen Blixen Museum while Okari’s wedding was a church wedding held at Ridgeways Baptist Church.

-Okari has no kids with Naomi but Nixon has kids with Beryl Zoraima.

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