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Sidney Poitier fans celebrate his life and career as he turns 94 years old


From Viola Davis to Halle Berry and Kerry Washington and not forgetting Lupita Nyongo, hollywood actors and fans online are marking the birthday of legendary actor Sidney Poitiers birthday.

Sidney made history when he became the first black man to win an academy award for best actor and to celebrate he shared thoughts saying

“I’d like to say only that I have been very lucky in the picture business. I’ve been working with a degree of consistency compared to a lot of other actors, I never stopped”

His legendary film career is remarkable. Here is a list of movies if you want to watch.

1. A Raisin In The Sun
2. In The Heat Of The Night
3. A Patch Of Blue
4. To Sir, With Love
5. No Way Out
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Fans have taken to social media to reflect back on his iconic roles and the novels he has written.

I fell in love with him in 1967 when he was in “A Patch of Blue.”

Honestly the only celebrity with whom I was nervous to speak.

He looks wonderful for 94!sid

Wow still so handsome and classy!

Just finishing one of his books, The Measure of A Man. What an absolutely amazing man. Happy Birthday to a pacesettersid poit

Happy Birthday Mr Poitier and thank you for the wonderful joy and entertainment you have graciously provided to so many for so long. You are a legend in the true sense of the word.

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