Side chicks will kill you with stress, go back to your wives – Maina Kageni

On Tuesday December 14, the conversation was all about some things men are complaining about and they want to know why, especially around Christmas time..

Maina began by saying a friend of his, who has a side chick is stressed out ‘there is something that has changed and I don’t think alot of people are aware of this and I’m talking of the other woman. This man is a full MD, and if I tell you where he works you will know. He has a side chick in her late twenties, 27. That woman stresses that man. Ile stress anapea huyu mtu. Here is the thing the other woman was a stress reliever from the mama nagging. But how have you started nagging, girls what is it that you are doing to these men, you used to be their peace, you used to be the person he could go to unleash their stress, that he gets from home, how have things changed and you are now the stress giver, and this guy can’t take it anymore stress yake inatoka from one person – the girlfriend, he can’t take it anymore. so ladies why have you changed?

Mwalimu Kingangi joined in agreeing that ‘na wanapenda kustress wazee sana na wazee kutoka huko ni ngumu, na ni stress, mzee mzima amepotelea mirema’

Maina was amused at their situation telling them they deserve it ‘ladies you used to be their source of comfort, you used to be their refuge, what has changed when did the equation change, and why are you pressuring these men, is it that they are not doing something is it that their expectations are not being met, demands left right and centre. what changed? maina added

Kageni shamed men saying ‘mtakufa uko, go back to your wives. Young girls are now stressing the hell out of old men these days. Back in the day, the mpango wa kando was the mans peace, that she was someone he could go to an inhale, relax and release all his troubles, but it changed, they are being stressed and all from a 27 year old girl’

Dear Classic105 fam, do you agree?

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