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My ex got his side-chick pregnant while I was paying 90% of his bills – Diana Marua

Diana Marua has such a fascinating dating history that some of the things she reveals in public are incredulous when you first hear them spoken.

The latest story from the woman married to singer Bahati is one that leaves me in shock because of how out of left field her behaviour is.

The mother of two recently revealed that she had once sponsored a guy to the tune of 90% of his needs, only to come back later and tell her to her face that his side chick was pregnant with his child.

Speaking on her YouTube blog, she and her 4 girlfriends took time to gossip away from the city during Diana’s birthday event at a popular resort.

“I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua says of her past

The girls each gave the worst experience they had had in past relationships, ones that left lessons to be learnt and left hearts shattered.

When Diana spoke she disclosed that she had once known a financially needy guy whom she loved dearly. So she decided to help him meet his needs but that would end up being a mistake on her part.

I’ve been hurt so many times and I did not realize until I left each of them. I loved this guy so much, it was toxic. He would kick me out, I would come back, we would fight, I would move into his house and even take bank loans for our needs.

The constant tension caused them to move in together into one house after Diana went broke moving from one house to another. (Yep, smart woman right here!). And what would you expect? The results didn’t go well for her as they wouldn’t even last two weeks together.

“Let me take you 7 years back, a few days after my birthday. I get hold of his phone and on WhatsApp, he is having romantic chats with an unknown lady from his office,” she spills.

The man initially lied when Diana confronted him saying that it was his boss’ side chick who is helping him get promoted. But Diana suspected that something was up and kept on insisting that he come clean. The man finally relented and said, “I don’t know why you are complaining yet she is pregnant for me.”

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