Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past

Si lazima nipost! Zari explains why she did not send Diamond a birthday message

Zari Hassan has been forced to explain why she did not wish her baby daddy Diamond Platinumz a happy birthday as he turns a year older yesterday.

Zari posted a photo on her Instagram page and a fan identified as Mrisho Brown, reached out to her trying to find out why she had not posted her baby daddy on social media.

“Hiiiii, Ujamwish Baby father kwelii? 

Zari responded saying that she called him to wish him a happy Birthday and that it was not a must for her to post to please the fans.

“@MrishoBrown. Tumepigiana simu, kwani ni lazima nipost to please you. Smh,” she wrote.

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Diamond was celebrating his 30th birthday and celebrities flocked on his social media pages to celebrate with him.

Tanasha and Hamisa did not share anything. We hope they also called to check on how he was doing and to celebrate his birthday with him.

Diamond also called Zari Hassan during her 40th Birthday party that happened two weeks ago.

Zari shared a video chatting with her baby daddy in the company of her friends.

 “Baba Tee has never forgotten to check on his Queen” adding “Diamooooond…. sawa Baba Tee tutaongea baadaye”.

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