Are you going to Join President Ruto's X-Space? Mike Mondo

President Ruto is to host X Space today to speak to Kenyans

In the morning show today, Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i engaged on a talk about the X space that President Ruto is to host today.

''The president is holding a discussion on X today. As Kenyans, I think we should tune in and give him a chance to say what he has to say then we ask questions that we need answered until we are satisfied with his response and remarks to everything.''

One of the listeners called to confess as to why they would not be joining Ruto's X space.

''The reason why I will not join Ruto's space today is that, if he does not know what kenyans want by now, he cannot be helped. Also, everything will be scripted. The people who will be selected to speak would have been paid,''

Mike then asked, ''As a Kenyan, are you going to join the President's forum on X and what questions will you ask?''

Here are people's responses;

Lucia Ngandu I agree with this if he is genuine about having a space with people he shouldn't be the one hosting. We wanted to have a conversation with him but he declined. We are not doing things on his terms anymore.

SIR ELVIS Unless we're hosting him... If not so we can't be in the same space with a pathological liar like Zakayo.

Lucia Ngandu You see the president said that he would ensure that every part of the country would have free internet which hasn't happened....we won't be joining.

John mwai Huyu President Anajifanya a master of everything. Hata space anataka akuwe host. I thought every writing was on the wall. He has been told everything on the same app.

mariahninger fact! We can't trust him in space because he said he doesn't live in our space! Sir, thank you! TMG!