Are people going to the streets today? King’ang’i is asking

Salary increment of MPs, Governors, Senators and other government officials anger Kenyans

Mike Mondo

On today's morning show, Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i discussed the ongoing protests and whether people would still show up on the streets despite President Willian Ruto's rejecting to sign the Finance Bill. 

Mwalimu King'ang'i said that protests are likely to continue after SRC added government officials' salaries. 

Mwalimu King'ang'i said, ''Is there a way we can put a pose on everything else kwanza so we can deal with one thing at a time?''

''It is very confusing, like when you go home late na hujui kama utafunguliwa mlango,'' Mike noted.

King’ang’i then asked, ''Are people going to the streets today?''

Here are some responses;

Nyakundi Omurwa The MPs have rejected the salary hike to avert public outrage but they'll not believe it.

Patrick Mulwa As #kingangi said.. "itema yitiii kuvuthya" this government is not serious they r just taking us as if we are kids how can u add salaries while ppl down the ground are suffering to economy... This ppl they have sitting allowences Nika wanabebelezewa KAZI yaoo.

Ann Njenga I just take a risk n go home It's very confusing today ,but we are going to work incase things escalate we go back home.

Cleolovechild Protests tumeachia goons wajibambe na free shopping. Us Gen Z tuko shule tunasomea exams