Kenyans take on today's Anti-government protests

''Guys do you feel like Mike? Did you go to work today ama unaenda maandamano?''


On the morning show, Mwalimu King'ang'i and Mike Mondo discussed today's 'Occupy CBD' protests set to take place.

Mike Mondo said, ''I don't know about you, but my heart is heavy and tired! At what point do you start feeling that fatigue ya maandamano?''

''Knowing this is going to be the case, are you still going to put your life at risk today? Will you still participate in today's maandamano?'' he added.

Mwalimu King'ang'i commented too, '' Rome was not built in a day! Those changes they want can't happen in a day it takes time. We've made some big gains. We need to look at the wins too.''

''Guys do you feel like Mike? Did you go to work today ama unaenda maandamano?''

Here are their opinions;

Asbelito The maandamano is rigged it's no nolonger about finance bill The opposition have joined and now want to overthrow the president It's so sad

Thee young The people who should be protecting us are putting our lives in danger. Nevertheless, we will be there no matter what. Whatever it takes, for a better tomorrow!

wshaz06 Go where ??? I want to enjoy my life it doesn’t matter who’s president change starts with you and me . Finance bill was shelved President is ready to change give him time . Ruto must go ??? Go where exactly??? Gen Zs have nothing to loose they don’t own property or solid business.

Mossy wa Kanyiri Let us choose peace for our country. The president has heard our collective pleas. For parents, remind your children that Maumau fought for this land and paid with their blood. But majority died as poor people and the chiefs and their children benefitted.