What does Ruto have to say for you to believe him?

The question was asked by Mike Mondo after the president had spoken to the media in a wide-ranging 2 hour interview

Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i discussed President Ruto's interview with the press, which took place last night at the State House.

President William Ruto hosted the media for a presidential engagement in Nairobi, which was aired live on major TV stations from 7 PM, on Sunday.

"Yaani hakuna mtu anadefend the president! The fact that we have the space to even engage like this is something great," Mwalimu King'ang'i said.

"Do you think we are taking it for granted? What does he need to do for you to believe him?"

Mike Mondo asked. "Even after assuring us, Kenyans still don't believe him. The #RutoMustGo is still trending. So if he steps aside, who then sits on that chair?"

Mike Mondo asked listeners, "A lot of Kenyans still don't believe him! What does he have to say or do for you to believe him?"

Here are some of the responses:

Mc Edu Kenya: "Mike, I have parked kando to make this tweet. Let the president do this please for Kenyans to trust him again: clear all leaders with corruption, bring back IEBC as soon as possible, reduce salary deductions for MPs, and remove CAs."

Kimeli Kering: "We still believe him. He's our president. He gave us his expectations from the finance bill, dropped the bill, promised to remove the executive spouse's budget, and showed he was ready to dialogue with Gen Z from any platform, including X. He's good."

Onesmus Muthomi: "Nothing, actually. It's just a 2-minute press conference declaring corruption a capital offense and going after the few who have illegally taken what legally belongs to the many."

gauogilbert: "The same way he has been signing Executive Orders, he should put pen to paper and abolish those useless offices of spouses and CASs. He should also direct his @DCI_Kenya to stop abducting dissenting voices. Otherwise, we'll address him as Par Excellence Mr. Liar, Taxer In Chief!"