Are you happy with the President’s decision to withdraw the finance bill? - Maina Kageni

President William Ruto has bowed to pressure and said he will not sign the Finance Bill 2024

In the morning show today, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i talked about President Ruto's briefing yesterday and his decision not to sign the finance bill.

Maina informed the listeners by saying, ''President William Ruto has bowed to pressure and said he will not sign the Finance Bill 2024. The president said the people have spoken.''

"Listening keenly to the people of Kenya who have said loudly that they want nothing to do with this Finance Bill 2024, I concede and therefore I will not sign the 2024 Finance Bill and it shall subsequently be withdrawn," President Ruto stated during his speech.

The President's decision came just a day after the Bill was passed by Parliament, despite nationwide demonstrations against it.

Maina asked the listeners, ''Are you happy?''

These were the responses;

Powell's We made things clear yet he is still playing with our minds, be withdrew the bill but it was not cancelled, we are watching na the next maandamano we are going for him on a personal level, we are just regrouping, hatutaki kubebwa ujinga, we ain't kids anymore.

Hon.Bidan We're not happy, but Maina the president opened for talks, there's no need for more blood shedding for something we can solve peacefully come 2027 let's give him a benefit of doubt, Rome wasn't built on a single. Our grandfather fought for peace we won't loose it.

Firê Mãstër They need Gen z leaders ati for discussion in state house. This is a strategy to silence the Gen Z. Coz they know once there are leaders they will use the so called leaders to weaken the groups forever. Tactics to silence the Gen Z. No leaders should be chosen