When people stop talking they start fighting - Maina & King'ang'i discuss

'What did you pick from yesterday? - Maina

Mwalimu King'ang'i and Maina Kageni talked about how furious the protestors and Kenyans, in general, were during the ongoing protests.

King'ang'i said, ''When people stop talking they start fighting. Maina as parents and the government we have to ask ourselves why? Why are these young people angry? Why the rebellion?''

''What did you pick from yesterday? What is the real reason as to why all this is happening?'' Maina added questioning the listeners.

These were the responses; 

Toni Be We know how this anger thing works. Ata nyumbani ukitumia pesa vibaya uulizwe unapply anger as defense mechanism. Same thing the president is doing. There's unnecessary over expenditure and lack of accountability.

Luhya President Kuria Kimani said in broad daylight that they will do what they want no matter the voices of Kenyans and businesses during "public participation". A tone deaf president and a tone deaf Parliament. A tone deaf senate as well that was passing some crap law on conflict of interest.

Jennifer Kanyiri If we as parents and Govt want to handle the young generation, just give them a listening ear.

James Mwadeghu Kenyans are a frustrated lot, yesterday's events are testament to this. It's beyond the finance bill, its about accountability, austerity, and sustainability. People will not watch opulence from Govt officials off their backs