Parents talk about their Gen Z kids attending the protests

Mike Mondo asked listeners, "Parents, would you let your child go to the protests?"

In today's morning show, Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i discussed yesterday's protests held by Gen Zs.

The young people took to the streets of Nairobi on Thursday to protest against the Finance Bill 2024, armed only with creative minds, versatile social media skills, smartphones, and the support of well-wishers.

The Gen Zs clashed with police as they tried to reach the Parliament Buildings ahead of the Finance Committee's report on the Bill.

Mike Mondo asked listeners, "Parents, would you let your child go to the protests?"

"Hao si wa kuiitisha ruhusa, wanaenda tu! Parents, was your child among the protesters?" Mwalimu King'ang'i added.

Here are some of the responses:

MADAM JERSEYS: "Yesterday, I met a parent along Kenyatta Avenue who was caught in the middle of the protests. He told me his son was supposed to collect his passport at Nyayo yesterday, but he took the ID to collect it for him so the son would stay indoors. But the son still went to the protests."

Isaac Sonteddy Kangwony (ISK): "This generation experienced early puberty, no corporal punishment, fearlessness, and has a wealth of information beyond their age. Therefore, they have a completely different worldview. They know their rights. Handle with caution!"

Sir Ng'ang'a The Creator: "The soldiers' parents should warn their children not to interfere with us. The MPs' parents should not allow them to ignore us. That is if we are involving parents."

Ann Njenga: "You can't hold them back. If they have made up their mind to go, they will go. They are bold enough to say, 'I'm going,' hitting the door and saying, 'Wish me luck,' and you are left praying."