How yesterday protest's are a milestone for Kenya

The government had to back down on some of the policies they were trying to push through in the Finance Bill 2024

On today's morning show Maina Kageni and King'ang'i spoke of yesterday's ''Occupy Parliament'' protests.

Yesterday Kenyans went on the streets of Nairobi to protest against the Finance Bill 2024 and its proposed taxes, urging the MPs to vote against it.

''Significant moments is what we are discussing today,'' Maina kicked off.

He added, ''Yesterday was one of the most significant moments in this country. Gen Z wameamka.''

''Those people didn't have a leader or tribe but they believed in making their stand. Hawa wapewe security,'' Mwalimu King'ang'i further commented.

Maina then asked the listeners, ''What did you make of yesterday's demonstrations?''

Here are some people's opinions;

Isaac Sonteddy Kangwony (ISK) Gen-Zs had early puberty, are exposed to a lot of information beyond their age, raised in a liberal way, know their rights, their confidence is unmatched and they got a totally different mindset. A different approach needed!

Nyakundi Omurwa Finally Gen Z is correcting what their parents woke up to mess. They should form a political party and front their candidate for presidency. The Gen X and millennials should relax.

Wycliffe Kadweya It's no longer political but the start of revolution, Kenyans are tired with their god chosen president.

DCLEM Congrats kenyans Citizens are tired of a confused parliament, & soon, we must occupy that parliament. We can't be slaves in our own country because of a handful of citizens with titles of parliamentarians. We put them there to act with sanity, not with foolishness & ignorance.