Maina and King'ang'i discus Occupy Parliament protest

Listeners immediately expressed their opinions on the issue

On today's morning show, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i discussed the protest against the Finance Bill 2024 planned by Kenyans.

"It is all systems go as activists gear up for today's protests in Nairobi’s Central Business District to oppose the proposed Finance Bill, 2024," Maina mentioned.

The protest, dubbed "Occupy Parliament," is expected to coincide with the tabling of the Bill in the House.

Maina asked the listeners, "As the mwananchi, what do you want amended? And have you read the Finance Bill?" Here are some of the responses:

Black Sheriff: There is no democracy in Kenya; the views of the common mwananchi are not respected at all. That's why people are taking the law into their own hands. Imagine a magistrate who is supposed to be protected by the police is killed by the police.

Owino Paul: We will be there to remind them of their mandate to the people of Kenya.

MC Tonje: Yes, I've read it. Some of the things I want amended are: vehicle ownership, taxes on bread, taxes imposed on sanitary pads, taxes on car batteries, and taxes on solar products, just to mention a few.

Nyakundi Omurwa: There are taxes and issues that must be scrapped off immediately so that people are not sidetracked—VAT on bread, motor vehicle tax, cancer treatment tax, digital tax, KRA powers to access people's data, eco tax, and the removal of the 30% ownership requirement for international tech businesses, and so on.