Angry Kenyans expose the President’s & MP’s phone numbers, as they fight the 2024 finance bill

On 13th June 2024, the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung'u announced a projected expenditure of Sh3.992 trillion out of which Sh2.84 trillion is recurrent for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

During the reading of the Finance Bill the CS said the tax proposals in the Finance Bill are expected to net the government KSh 346.7 billion which the treasury has decide to retain the excise duty of financial transactions (banks and mobile money) at 15%.

The bill proposed increasing the rate to 20% which caused a lot of uproar because it signaled increased money transactions, also due to the many proposals of increasing tax deductions in salaries has also led many Kenyans to join hands and plead with their representatives to reject it.

The Finance Bill has come as a major threat to Kenyans since if it is passed it will make life more harder for a common mwananchi.

Some celebrities also came out and spoke about it and a lot of them are against it due to its diverse negative impacts on Kenya's economy.

Here is a list of celebrities who spoke:

Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo shared her concern about the recently read Finance Bill and according to her if it is passed it will make life for Kenyans a living hell since a lot of people have closed their businesses due to this ailing economy and raising taxes is not a way out according to her.

"A big NO to the Finance Bill 2024. We have closed businesses, we are ailing economically as a country. We don't need anymore suffering. We need support from our government. Not torment," Betty said.