Mike Mondo: What's your message to the first batch as they head to Haiti?

Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i, during the morning show, spoke about the police deployment to Haiti.

The first group of 200 police officers is now expected to arrive in Haiti on 23rd May 2024. .

The two hundred officers are part of 1000 police officers.

This comes at a time when President Ruto is set to visit US President to strategize more on the sending of troops to Haiti.

The deployment comes seven months after the Security Council announced the go-ahead for Kenya to lead the multinational mission.

As the discussion was going on, mike asked the listeners, '

'What's your message to the first batch as they head to Haiti?''

Here is what people had to say n regards to that;

Samuel Mbogo Good morning sir, manze seems like according the videos we get huku mtandaoni, it's a tough job, I believe that are made of the best in that. God awabless Na they do what they are made of. from muranga, online platform doing well. Salute.

~Extreme ~ Finesse Just don't get killed ..you got families here waiting for you when it's all over and I hope the country will put them in their prayers. God be with you #It is well.

Jennifer Kanyiri Let those Police Officers follow the order and advice from their seniors on the mission there,,as discipline is key in such assignments, they'll overcome and succeed in this.,Mungu awalinde

@BRIGADEMAIYAN: Forward Ever Backwards Never.

@Arsen_Gidraph4:  the souls of those departing be at peace

What's your message to this officers?