Maina Kageni: Know your position in peoples' lives

The radio host's morning inspiration was well-received by Kenyans

Maina Kageni

On today's morning show, Maina Kageni shared a marvelous quote about how to deal with people 

It went like this; "They don't involve you, don't get involved. They don't tell you, don't ask. They don't invite you, don't go. Know your position in people lives."

Read some of the comments below:

Evangeline Adisa@EvangelineAdisa Muhimuuu saanaa sio kujiendea endea tu kama ambae huna la kufanya dignity and value is key. Good morning

@ItsMainaKageni darling it's a tubooonge choosed

Mashaa~Murigi@MurigiHassan001· What a Good Tubonge Tuesday Morning..... Good morning to the entire famele

#MainaAndKingangi. It's drizzling here in Marurui, Kiambu County.

11Mose Wa Asali Ya Koriema -Baringo @Asali ya Kori@AAkiyao· So True @ItsMainaKageni Welcome to Tubonge Tuesday1

18dan the junior@DanKawega· Maina that was the most terrible accident ever, let's not attempt to cross any running water regardless of level

10Lawrence mwenda@tezzmwendi· Good morning guys Tunned from meru gankere1

9CPA Aboge Priscillah@PaAboge· Exactly, exactly 1

14Caleb Chauro@ochauro Always minding my business #MainaAndKingangi @ItsMainaKageni good morning

Willy Mutunga@wathome_willy· Very true

10Abednego Mwamburi@AbednegoMwambu2· Good morning from malindi

Sammy Kaburia@58e34f26656c49f· Maina good morning

Patlynk Technologies@PatlynkT· Hakuna kuforce