Stop using nature as an excuse for being unfaithful to your spouse

Mwalimu King'ang'i: Ata sisi hatujui ni kwanini! Nikasheteni!

Mike Mondo
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Famous Radio Hosts Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i talked about how people in relationships cheat and end up blaming nature.

''Don't compare men na women, men wamekubaliwa kuwa na side chick but women are not allowed,". 

This is what a listener had to say, "But why? What are you looking for that your wife can't give it to you? Stop using nature as an excuse for being unfaithful to your spouse.

Down below are some of the responses from fellas:

 @jennykanyiri Noo broo Me I always miss my bae I no longer have feelings for any other woman apart from her

@SabulArap·We Kenyan men it's like tulirogwa But this thing should stop and let's us value that one beautiful woman you have make her the person you want to be Ngarisha wako stop looking for another who's another guy have invested on her  

@jennykanyiri·1How would you feel if your partner does the same on the basis you're using of a change and she start affairs huko nje,,? Remember she get hurt by your actions as she has feelings too as human

Mike, the problem with these so called beautiful, educated, influential women is that, they're not SUBMISSIVE. and we men, need submissive ones, that's why we go for these housegirls