Ladies, can you submit to Kenyan men today-King'ang'i asks

The men who commented stated that that wouldn't happen with Gen Z women

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i

As a lady would you submit your man fully? Classic 105, Radio Host Mwalimu King'ang'i has asked ladies if they submit to their men.

"First of all, recognize that he is the head and you are the neck, second remember the man wears the pants in the house. Ladies, can you submit to today's Kenyan man? Can you trust him enough with your future, with the responsibilities?"

Here are some of the responses given by the ladies:

@Mike740926561· Maina,iko hivi,my wife is a stay home na mm ni msee wa senge ngong,life inakua hard juu ukimwachia 100 Bob anaona kama una mdharau na nikukosa,,soo what I do hua naeka hiyo 100 Bob daily na mpea sato morning ikiwa 600 Bob na naona anafurahia. But kunakengìne nlikua nakoo,,,weeee

@PatrickRudiger In this time and age,No Woman can keep a broke Man,Guys take responsibilities wacheni aibu ndogo ndogo.....

@jennykanyiri·His actions will be the determinant of everything,,as there's no way a lady can trust a man who's abusive,immature in character and not faithful,, actions talks louder 

@FirstbornMbugua·This won't happen with this gen-z girls am just worried