Maina and King’ang’i in disbelief about Kenya's appeal to foreigners

King Charles III is currently in Kenya for his first visit as the reigning monarch

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Kenya's most beloved radio duo, Maina and Mwalimu King'ang'i, engaged in a contentious discussion on Kenya's beauty throughout the morning at Classic 105.

That day's question was, "What is it that people are seeing that Kenyans aren't?" The visit to Kenya by King Charles and Queen Camila served as the impetus for the morning's debate.

Maina and Mwalimu Kinga'ng'i were interested in finding the primary cause of the disinterest in rural tours among their people, while others make long trips to visit.

Mwalimu King'ang'i: What do people see that we don't see in Kenya?

Maina: Ukipea mKenya visa na ticket kuenda USA hatawaste time ataenda immediately yet kuna watu wanjee wataka kuja Kenya, ni nini watu wanaona enye hatuoni ?

Callers were quick to respond to the topic and this is what they had to say.

The first caller said;

"Kenya nikuzuri ukiwa na pesa, but when you don't have money unashindwa where to go, unaona kuku pale town unashanga nitanunua au nitalipa rent ukikuwa na pesa unaamua unaenda hoteli mzuri but ukiwa huna pesa kenya is the worst place to be. I work for 18 hours a day ningekuwa majuu ningekuwa na pesa mob. I work from 5 am to 11 pm everyday."

Another added;

"Ile enye watu wanaaona na sisi hatuoni ni hela mzuri, security mzuri na minerals. Uliona huko ukambani kuna mawe inakaa gold hizo ndio wao wanaona sisi hatuoni."

The next caller said;

"If you don't have money in Kenya you shouldn't be in Kenya, Kenya is reserved for people who have money wakenya tunaona vitu mzuri lakini hatuna pesa ya kuzunguka. Mimi ninawork from 5 am till late nadrive trucks and I earn 17,000 a month mtu akiwa USA akiwork from 7 am -3 pm amepata more than mshahara yako. So ni pesa hatuna si ati hatuoni."

Another added;

"The fact that the money watu wanamake huku nje but the cost of living is very high. You can make 50,000 in Kenya you can be living more comfortably than a person earning 100,000 there so hell come and spend it here."

The last caller said;

"Being abroad isn't easy I was there for the longest time with my family we came back to Kenya, The money you make out there isn't compared to Kenya's money life out there is difficult when they come to Kenya and spend so much it's because it is cheaper."

The duo finished the morning conversation by wishing their loyal listeners a good day ahead.