Nauliza forgiveness why na niliumbiwa nicheat-Maina told

Do women really forgive repeat cheating and just go on being loyal to their men without planning anything?

Maina Kageni
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In today's morning conversation at Classic 105, the fantastic duo consisting of Maina and Mwalimu King'ang'i had an interesting conversation about cheating partners.

The question of the day was 'Do women really forgive repeat cheating and just go on being loyal to their men without planning anything?'

The morning conversation was inspired by a lady who challenged Maina yesterday when she asked him whether he believed there were 'truthful forgivers'.

Maina reminded the male listeners that revenge was a dish best served cold and they shouldn't just relax their women will surely revenge one day and they wouldn't see it coming.

Maina Kageni: Revenge is a dish best served cold. Men, you'll be so surprised by what your woman does!

The radio presenters requested their loyal listeners to contribute to the conversation and they didn't disappoint.

The first caller of the day had this to say;   

"Once you cheat and I'm the faithful forgiver, I will drain you financially then when I'm done draining you I will look for another person. once fine I will accept your apology but if it is repetitive I will ensure that I drain you completely. I will forgive once because I am young, stupid and fresh in marriage but if you do it repetitively I will fight back. I will eat your money, and drain you emotionally and physically you can't be cheating  on me and I'm just quiet."

Another caller added;

"Unajua kuna story za jaba na story za jaba ya jaba hii ya Maina ni jaba ya jaba. Ukiangalia culture ya swaziland King analetewa wanawake 14 kila mwaka anachagua, ukiona ninatoka jua hiyo ni kawaida. I ask your forgiveness nauliza forgiveness why na niliumbiwa nicheat tunacheat na hatufai kuomba msamaha ukiskia juwezi kaa na mimi toka uende i am doing you a favour kukueka kwa nyumba yangu, mwanamke akicheat atakuja na mimba mimi nikicheat sikuji na kitu yoyote, nitaenda na Abdalla nirudi na Abdalla. Tumeumbwa tucheat lazma nitacheat, naongea hivi knowing my wife is at home listening. I will cheat and continue to cheat na I will not apologize for what I was created to do."

The last caller had this to say;       

"Kwa censor ya 2019 ilisema wanawake ni wengi kushinda wanaume it is just rocket science to look for another one, Unabakia na mwanamke mmoja hao engine wakuwe na nani, I have a wife and a girlfriend. There are 7 women to every man. Lazima tukuwe na wanawake wengi ndio pia wao wapate wanaume."

Maina concluded the morning conversation by correcting the previous caller and stated the last censor's ratio of men to women.

"There are 26.73 Million women and 26.28 million men hiyo upuzi ya there are 7 men for each man acha na upeleke mam  yako."

Below are some of the tweets from some listeners who didn't get the opportunity to call and tell the duo their views;

@jennykanyiri -She'll forgive you casually for the sake of peace but deep down revenge plan will be going on slowly till the execution time comes, women are smarter in this

@nyakundi_omurwa -Apologies are important, but repeated mistakes can strain a relationship. It's crucial for both partners to communicate openly and work together to resolve issues and rebuild trust.

@jonnyblack680 -Go on your knees? Beg for forgiveness??? How does a man do these things? Boys maybe "Go on your knees" "Beg for forgiveness" Kanyaga kubwakubwa madam, I'll replace it before I regret it.

@mc_tonje -Good morning. Let me tell you Maina; when a woman decides to take revenge even the devil himself takes notes.

@NdichuBella -You forgive a man for cheating and you lose a portion of the trust. If it happens so many times you end up losing respect and love for him

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Maina Kageni
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