Maina to women: Your man is the criminal, not the side chick!

He added, "Why do you gang up with your girlfriends and go pour acid on that other woman's face?"

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Maina Kageni wonders why women contact other women when they discover their boyfriends have cheated on them.

As an example, Maina spoke about a woman who allegedly assaulted a female security guard in one of the Nairobi estates after suspecting her of having an affair with her partner.

Maina Kageni asked, "Ladies, why do you go and fight the other woman?  Ladies, why do you get out of your house to go beat the other woman black and blue?"

He added, "Why do you gang up with your girlfriends and go pour acid on that other woman's face?"

Mwalimu Kingangi said this was a criminal offense "Hata sijui tunaingilia wapi kwa hii conversation! Why do they do that to other women? Do they realize that it is a criminal offense?"

Maina advised ladies that the man should be answerable as the man is the criminal, not the innocent woman.

"For the longest time ladies, you have been telling me you can't fight over a man!"

A caller said, "Hii story sisi wanaume tunaingilia wapi? Ladies can't live without us, kieleweke!"

Another caller said, "All I want is my happiness. If my man misbehaves, I'll also go out there and get another man! Have fun with him and come back home happy!"

Check out fans' reactions from X:

Bella Ndichu: That is where women go wrong, you create enmity with a victim of deception other than going for the liar himself. Ladies should learn how to make a proper conversation with each other and not fight.

Joe Njihia: I feel it's not right,most a time the other lady is very innocent and perhaps she doesn't know that the goat wife exists. The man is the one to blame

McDarlin: Why fight another woman because of your man? The problem is in the woman by failing to commit her duties to her man.

Sue Mathai: Maina it's not all of us who can fight for aman,nlidump MTU Ako na JINA kubwa Kwa serikali juu ya hio kucheat I don't believe that ican stand to fight for a man never.wacha hio energy nitafute nayo pesa

Kendi Kip Evans: Instead of going to attack another woman, pull up your socks and correct where might have contributed to the man meeting another woman

Ziporah mumbuu: Very sad, how many is she planning to fight ... Aya akule sembe na apige tizi bcoz she has a long way to go

MC Tonje: Maina let me tell you, hakuna kitu huuma ladies kama hiyo.Wansikianga kama wamelipuka, na hiyo ni example tu there are others who do worse than what the lady had done to that security lady