King'ang'i gives worrying tale on female shisha smokers

The morning duo was discussing the proliferation of drugs among Kenyan women

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

'Habits that women need to stop' were the day's topic on the Morning Conversation on Classic105.

The subject was sparked by the episode from yesterday, which covered female marijuana smokers.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i opened the program by expressing their shock at the fact that yesterday's morning show had opened their eyes to the current plight of Kenyan women.

Mwalimu King'ang'i expressed his dissatisfaction on the morning show by saying:

"Anavuta shisha na weed anaafanywa fwaaaa! anapotelea kwa moshi kama mganga."

He continued by saying that shisha users, who are mostly women, are worse off and have mastered producing the substance at home.

"Kwanza hawa wa shisha! Anatoa mpaka na mapua anapotelelea huko kwa moshi na nowadays wanatengeneza mpaka kwa nyumba. Yaani mpaka Mc gogo ako huko anakupea shoutout kwa club. That's the mother of your children. Machosss!"

One of the callers stated that she is struggling and can't quit using marijuana no matter how hard she tries, so Maina promised to seek a counselor for her.

She said that after smoking in the club she is normally hyperactive and wants men a lot. 

Some listeners decided to tweet their dissatisfaction online, below are some of the tweets from the listeners:

Lec wa KyU@nevillekitoh00 -wacha kusmoke, msichana analewa pombe issa turn off. huyo msichana can do anything ndo apate pombe, atakuacha kwa nyumba akalewe, na atakuwa kitoweo cha walevi wenzake. again how will she raise her children when she is smoking

Atte David@Attehdavid3ยท28m-Buana Mimi hata kama unakunywa Gin Potea kabisaaa huyo no Shetani utamuacha kwa nyumba ulirudi Jioni kutoka kazi utapata ameuza Gas Cooker amenunua shisha na Sigara na Gin huyo ni Shetani

Collince Oduor@CollinceOduor37-Just look around maina how guys are when they smoke. Utadhani wamefika. As much as u c them puff that smoke, her value,respect,dignity evaporates too. After being worthless too she will attract a hopeless man in her life. Kingangi, hebu mwambia maina ukweli. Hadi watoto wa shule?

Sir Albert@SirAlbertke -How does even one think of smoking especially women??? In our community we consider them evil 

sammy onteri@onteri_sammy-How can you have a woman smoking then you yourself have never tried in your lifetime? That's belittling our society.