Mike Mondo: Why can't more Kenyans be like Mercy Tarus?!

The lady went viral after questioning leaders in Uasin Gishu over the particulars of a scholarship project in the county

Mike Mondo.
Image: Instagram

Mike Mondo has been wondering why most Kenyans find it difficult to confront their leaders, unlike Mercy Tarus, a teacher from Uasin Gishu County.

The 24-year-old gained notoriety after confronting the leaders over where the funds for the contentious project went.

"It is all about what 24-year-old Mercy Tarus did last week. She stood up and questioned Uasin Gishu leaders about the Finland scholarship saga," said Mondo.

"Your leaders promised you roads, economic growth amongst other things in the last general election. Have your ever questioned your MCA, MP, Senator, Governor like Mercy Tarus did?" He asked

He added;

"You stood in line and voted for those leaders in the last general elections! Have you ever questioned them?"

Mwalimu King'ang'i then continued, "The first thing wanafanyanga ni kuswitch off their phone numbers when they get into office!"

A caller claimed that he spent the entire previous week trying to reach his leader's office but was unsuccessful. Added by another caller;

"Many of us go to public barazas for our own selfish interest and handouts. My hope is that going forward we start approaching issues like Mercy Tarus did."

Check out tweeps' reactions to the topic.

Nyakundi Omurwa: Choices have consequences and it's the right time for Kenyans to learn

RMeister: sisi huko meru we voted a governor who launches zebra crossing as a project sasa huyu hata ukimpata unaweza muuliza nini kweli

Aphline Amondi: That young lady is the most intelligent woman I have ever known. Mandatory and his team should be held ccountable for what they did. Why steal from the poor? And why is the president Ruto silent on this matter ama hizo pesa ndizo zilitumika kwa campaign wakati wa siasa?

Stacus Haron: Reaching our leaders is very hard!I wonder if they really know it's has who voted them in.The good phrase for now is "Tupatane Kwa debe

Nyakundi Omurwa: If ever there was a country whose citizens eat, drink and sleep politics, then Kenya it is. Every meaningful talk is peppered with politics, so much so that the first cry of politicians caught misbehaving is that the matter should not be politicised or that the issue is being...Misbehaving is their job description, for, that is what they do, and get away Scot-free because they whine that they are being persecuted. Their voters, on the other hand, love complaining about their antics, and thieving ways, but at the same time cannot stand up to them and tell them that they are on the wrong. To the contrary, they also swallow the lame excuse, and end up supporting that lopsided view of persecution. Kenyans have been crying about the quality of leaders in the current

MC Tonje: This is the confidence that we need, to align Kenya and put everything in order. Instead of all the maandamanos and everything, let's face our leaders head-on like Mercy. That's brilliant

Jeniffer Kanyiri: Getting contact with those leaders unless you be a worker in their offices isn't that easy