Sema kukaliwa! Mike Mondo discloses friend has been given 7 p.m curfew by wife

A caller said men leave their wives at home and go partying with side chicks

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo Mike Mondo
Image: Classic 105

The host of Classic 105, Mike Mondo, was shocked to learn from a friend that his wife had imposed a curfew of 7 PM.Mondo stated in the early morning talk;

"I had the pleasure of being in Naivasha for the rally on Friday but there was one guy who told me he has to go back to Nairobi because if he doesn't, nyumba haitakalika! He is required to be home by 7 PM."     

He went on to ask;

"Ladies, why do you want your men home early? Is it that you don't trust what they are doing?"

A caller gave an example of the WRC Safari Rally. "These men go to these events with warembo. A friend of his called me to ask why I was not part of the team."

Check out fans' reactions;

Ann Njenga: I can't wake up at 2 am to warm food for him, atajipanga

Hellen Ma ignatius: Tender za kila weekend? Kumbbwa ufala tuliacha na tukaelevuka kitambooo. My question was would u be ok with me going out and coming at 3-4 am

Bella Ndichu: If you don't mind me asking, do you also expect her to wake up at that time to warm your supper and prepare your bath

Sir ANtonio Tony: The problem with this women is that they think if a man goes out he has gone to meet ladies out there ,,haezi fikiria unaenda connection ya tender .

Wilfred Matamo: Hahaha many women will differ with this but to me kuingia kwa nyumba is 11 or 2 am and that's is it #mainaAndkingangi

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