Nisaidie na milioni! Amazed Maina Kageni reacts to Sonko's millions

Mike Sonko showcased what is believed to be millions of money in suitcases

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Radio personality Maina Kageni has reacted to the trending story of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko who showcased what is believed to be millions of money in suitcases at his house.

In the video, Sonko can be seen opening huge suitcases full of wads of cash in foreign denominations as he called a family member for doubting his wealth.

"Did you see Sonko showing off his money? Sonko I just need a million," said Maina.

On Twitter, it seems the former Nairobi governor stirred jealousy and envy in equal measure after posting the video showing off his wealth with an impressive show of wealth.

Phillipo Ntone: Mimi pia Na 1000 yangu Kuna place naeza Tesa kama nonsense, uliza Kamau wa mutura vile nilifanya Wacha kila mtu atese kivyake

Miss Kimoney: Uuuwi just connect me with @MikeSonko I want to be his wife so that I might be counted Kwa mabibi zangu... Wueeh, this life no balance

Generaldrew: Aki @MikeSonko ni adopt for 1yr. I'll behave. I wouldn't mind being your PA(personal assistant)

Akiru: Mehn, I cannot comprehend. I cannot fathom! I have never seen that before

Zabron Mwangi: Can he adopt a 24yr old bouncing baby boy

Cikunice: My Kikuyu voices when I saw the video: Uyu Ee Mbesha ta Ngui

Dickoochoyo: do you know what is money, sonko inabidi atuambie Siri NI gani ama atupee connections. Unaamuka asubui kutafuta pesa ,hii pesa kumbe Iko mahali

Michuki Gavana: Where the hell is he getting all this money? Are they clean deals ama ni wash wash? Ngai #MainaAndKingangi