Should wives be blamed when their husbands are on a downward spiral like Kanye West?

Are the actions of a grown man the responsibility of his wife? Let’s talk about that.

For a while now, we have been treated to all manner of antics by Kanye West, and literally everyone is saying he is on a downward path, and that his wife should stop him.

Social media users are blaming Kim Kardashian, saying she should take away his phone, or better yet stop him from appearing and speaking in public.

Rapper Snoop Dogg has even said that the type of woman a man marries is important. He is comparing Beyonce’s situation to Kim Kardashians, adding that Beyonce has kept her man in check while Kim has failed to do so. Do you agree?

Here are some comments from social media users, and keep up with the Kardashians.

Kenyatta Jones…Snoops point. I believe he was saying that you can see the change in the men by the women who they are with. Beyonce has made a positive impact in Jay’s life and it shows and Kim has not made a positive impact in Kanyes life at all. As long as he has been with her he never looks or seems happy, and his behavior is erratic. I don’t see any positive change or influence she has bought to his life……even with the kids. Of course you can’t blame her for his behavior but he does seem worse off with her than he was when he wasn’t with her. Essence you got this point all wrong!


Kimberly Hardison… Oh please…..she is his FREAKIN WIFE!!!!! No way in HELLLLLL I’m gonna watch my man driving off a cliff and not try to stop him. It’s called a damn INTERVENTION!!! That chick is self absorbed and so is he…Essence ….. STOP IT. This is straight FOOLISHNESS

Fiona Mcdonald-Brown …They are to hold each other accountable, so it is her job to hold him accountable for his actions and stupid things that comes out of his mouth. If she can’t help him then no one can!

Peta Jones …she’s a narcissist and so is he and they just feed each other’s over inflated egos. Since he married her he’s been on a downward spiral…I guess it can just be a coincidence

Bernice Child… Damn right!! Besides, Kim can’t even be responsible for herself so why would anyone expect her to be responsible/accountable for his out of control arse

Sabrina Brady.. No but the power his wife’s influence has a lot to do with it. They are both self-absorbed people. She only notices when someone else speaks on it and it her husband!

Meme Lane ..Who’s to say that she didn’t try to help him? She has 3 damn babies to take care of. Kanye has to want it for himself. Sometimes all that you can do is pray without ceasing and let God handle the rest.

Jacqueline Whyte.. This man is crazy, and Kim is going through hell trying to hide it! She knows if she announced it publicly people will devour her, so she’s just standing back. I really feel sorry for her!

Latisha Manuel Howell …She doesn’t have to be his parent, just his Peace
She seems like the annoying clingy type, so I can imagine he doesn’t have any peace

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