‘Should Men Have A Say When It Comes To Abortion?’ – Maina Kageni

Maina and Kingangi’s morning conversation has been all about abortion this entire week, with female callers revealing that they procured abortions more than once.

Surprisingly, it turned out that married women are among those who are terminating pregnancies in the society, and even more shocking, was the fact that some of their men/husbands were helping them abort.

The issue of family planning not working also came into the discussion, with some people claiming that when that happens, it’s necessary to abort. This is something that flabbergasted Maina Kageni.

The question that popped up regarding this was, should men have a say when it comes to abortion or is it a woman’s choice to decided what she wants to do in the case she gets an unplanned pregnancy? Listen to the interesting conversation below.


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