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Should a couple be financially stable before getting married?

There is a huge difference between men and women being comfortable getting married when established/or not in their career.

Timothy is in a stable relationship and wants to get married on one condition – that she waits until he is financially stable.

He explained his situation to Dr Love

I have known her for three years, I think my target was first to finish my schooling then after four years, I can marry her.

Dr Love has advise for him as he still figures out his situation.

When your waiting until you settle down, it will never happen because you will always be in limbo, you will always be looking for something more than what you have so you will never really settle down. It’s better for you to make the move when you still feel good about the lady and you feel good about yourself.

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Let’s be clear about one thing – women are phenomenal multi tasking. We can plan a wedding and figure out our careers at the same time.

Not men—they want to do one thing at a time. Namely, they want to plant their roots, financially, and then get married.

Here’s why men want to be financially stable before marriage.

1. Pride
2. They want to buy a house
3.They want to be able to pay for school fees

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