Shocking: Women reveal how they have been fat shamed by their partners

Women reveal how they have been fat shamed by their own husbands and boyfriends in shocking online confessions. 

Writing on anonymous app Whisper, women from around the world spoke candidly about being bullied, mocked and ridiculed over their size at home. 

One woman told how she receives praise from her boyfriend whenever she limits her food intake despite previously suffering from anorexia.

Another whose partner claims to have a fetish for fat ladies revealed she has been judged over her size despite not being overweight.

Many others confessed their lovers started making comments about their body after having children and during pregnancy.

Whisper users from around the world spoke candidly about their experiences of being fat shamed by their partner, including one woman whose husband encourages her to eat only once a day despite having a history of struggling with an eating disorder

A woman whose boyfriend claimed to have a fetish for fat girls, revealed he had started fat shaming her although she isn't overweight

One woman says her husband begun commenting on her body after it changed with the birth of their two children

Another individual revealed her husband forces her to weigh herself in front of him and accompanies her to every GP visit

One woman who confessed she feels insecure about her weight, says her husband fat shames her despite efforts to eat healthy and exercise

Another individual revealed she struggles to be confident when exercising due to the unwelcome comments her boyfriend makes about her body

A woman who says her husband fat shames her while she's pregnant, longed to have a husband who compliments her body and doesn't criticise her eating habits

A size 18 woman told how her boyfriend makes negative comments about the bodies of others as well as her

One person revealed her husband fat shames her, despite being bigger than she is

Another woman claimed her boyfriend says he only likes skinny girls, when ever he thinks she's eaten too much

A woman who says she hates herself, told how her boyfriend takes the opportunity to fat shame her when he's drunk


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