Eric-Amunga aka Amerix

Worse that Wakanai! Controversial and shocking tweets from Kenyan doctor Amerix

Unless you leave under a rock, you have most likely heard of the infamous Eric Amunga or Amerix as most people on Twitter know him as.

The man has been the rage on the social platform for more than two years after his #MasculinitySaturday hashtag went viral.

Amerix normally advises men on a number of pertinent issues regarding relationships and other aspects of life.

He is also very vocal on matters of personal health having successfully battled obesity. Like marmite, Amerix is a controversial figure having fierce support that is only equaled by the opposition he gets.

“MasculinitySaturday is a space for men. It is where men gather to share their challenges and rediscover their gender roles. #MasculinitySaturday started in January 2019 when a follower sent me a private message that he was on the verge of depression because his wife disrespected him. I reached out to him and helped him overcome the challenge. It is from this incident that I discovered men are struggling to cope up with themselves,” Amerix once said in a February 2020 interview with Nairobinews.

Amerix’s popularity on the site is still spreading and he will soon have 300k followers. So what makes the man so popular, yet controversial? Simply put-His tweets aren’t for the weak of mind and those easily offended.

I have compiled some of his controversial tweets from this past weekend! Yep, this past weekend alone! Be offended or entertained but at the end of the day be informed.

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