SHOCKING! Kenyan Man Confesses How He Found Out His Wife Had HIV And Still Forgave Her (AUDIO)

Just when you start to think that marriage is easy, more married people come out to reveal details that can make one think twice about settling down, that’s if you are still single.

On Maina Kageni’s breakfast show, a man came out to reveal that he settled down with a woman but when they moved in together, she changed, becoming a liar, and just wasting time in the house doing nothing, all the while accusing him of having affairs.

The interesting part is that they are still living together, and are ‘happily’ married.

The shocking part of the morning talk was when the married man called Maina Kageni to reveal that his wife is HIV positive while he’s not, something that happened a few years back when he started working out of town.

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The man disclosed that she was his college sweetheart and they now have a child together, however after a year together she cheated on him and contracted the virus. Inspite of this he forgave her for the sake of their child.

Maina Kageni was perturbed by this story of how this forgiving man continues to live with the wife knowing that she contracted the virus when he was busy toiling hard for them.

The caller confessed this on national radio, saying that he decided to stay because of the child and also so that he can take care of her because he feels it’s his obligation.

Men, would you forgive your wife if she did this to you? Listen as the man opens up about his situation below.





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