Shock as the amputated body of a missing 6-year-old girl is found in a sack

Busia residents have been left in shock after the remains of a six year old who had gone missing a week ago were recovered dumped in a hole full of water.

The remains which had been placed inside a sack with the head missing was recovered by a herder who was going on his herding business.

Hellen Barasa  the mother to the girl only identified as Anita said that she was last seen a week ago before being found dead.

“Grass had grown over the place where her body was found .Even if you went there you would never have seen the body.

It is only after a herder smelt a stench that he decided to check where it was coming from.

After coming close to where the stench was coming from the herder saw the body of my daughter and that is when word spread and reached us.

On the day my daughter disappeared she came home from school  took her lunch and went out to play at Griffins before a man came and offered to buy her sweets.

My son started following the man while crying but the man told him to go back as he wanted to go with my daughter promising to give her sweets to bring every one else”

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She adds

“When my son told the people about the man they did not take action immediately .Its only after my other son who had gone to fetch water came back that he started searching for his sister.

The man was walking so comfortably  with my daughter so people thought he was her dad.

After coming from fellowship my neighbor informed me that a dead body had been recovered and urged me to go check it out.

Immediately I saw the body I knew it was my daughter because of her legs and hands.Her head had been amputated and her body had already started rotting.”

In conclusion Hellen says

“I do not know if the murder was pre-meditated,I don’t know who would want to do this to me because I have no grudges with anyone.”

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