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“That ship has sailed” Jackie Maribe tells Eric Omondi about dating again

Comedian Eric Omondi has been sending baby mama Jacque Maribe signals that he wants to date her again, as she revealed in an interview with Carol Mandi of True Love magazine.

In a video shared online, Jacque reveals to Carol that Eric asked her for a second chance.

She said

“I told him that ship sailed. We will keep the friendship but he doesn’t believe it. To be honest a few days ago he made a joke about how I’m single and he is single, so we should, but I was like ,no bro that ship sailed and I think I came to see another side of him . I don’t think I would ever cross that ever”

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi in the past

Bu doesn’t she feel just a tiny thing to want to get back with him?

“No that ship has sailed” she insisted again

She also recalled how he broke up with her just when she thought things were getting serious for them, leaving her hurt

“Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with men. I think it’s something I wanted, but he was in a space where he wasn’t ready. I think we were in both different places and right now Eric is my friend today. At the time we were together, he still wanted to have the girls and the groupies and he was blowing up and we would go places and girls would literally ignore me, but he would be respectful enough and tell them say hi to my girlfriend. I was tying him down being in a serious relationship, his star was busting and shining and then now the baby situation comes and I said this is what I want for myself and we agreed to go our separate ways and we remain friends”

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