Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

‘Shikwekwe didn’t have to go that low’ Fans blast Vera Sidika for airing Otile Brown’s ‘wanting’ bedroom skills in public

Otile Brown is a wounded man after his ex Vera Sidika aired their dirty linen in public even sharing embarrassing details of their s3x life.

The socialite cum business woman shared screenshots on her Insta  stories but all this while Otile has remained mum.

She wrote

“In laws I have a kind request; may you please stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng W) made me sing. First of all, It’s small & shook, probably beat,. kijulubeng not mjulubeng (If you think I’m lying ask the girls he’s f**ked before.)
I was the one even teaching him how to  f**k” kid still never got it. It was a topic from time to time.”

‘Ugly men we Perform!! You will never touch yourself again I promise’ Obinna to Vera after she aired Otile Brown’s dirty laundry

verah and Otile Brown

She further added ,

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Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown

In conclusion she says

“Also size does not matter to me,the game does, There’s men with small D that t get women going crazy for them coz they know what they are doing.Then those with huge D that just so useless coz it sits there does nothing not everyone is blessed with a big D but do your best to satisfy your woman ama? Utaibiwa.If you don’t make love to her when you break up someone she might get someone that does all that and It will be very easy to move on fastfast coz who wants to go bad to bad s#x?”

Otile Browns fans have come to his aid to help him nurse his bruised ego with many commending him for his maturity.

Below are some of their comments.

puritymunguya: My crush,wachana na plastics baby, come to very nashoro!I like your maturity.

leylaswits: Your truly a man she went crazy with screenshot you kept your cool.i know and believe you owe no one an explanation to how long you can hold yourself.keep doing your thing shine bright otile

[email protected]_guiness: thats the spirit man no man can reduce a man’s greatness to s#x 🙌we gat you otile

neshtonnie: Then she undermines you alot why didn’t she embarrass the former BF?? She takes your silence for weakness and that’s maturity.

[email protected]_things_mtumba: 😂😂😂..maybe..but Shikwekwe didnt have to go that low. She”s a true definition of money cant buy class😢. As an “entrepreneur’ that she claims to be. Is that the right way to act? I know we all ain’t perfect but l honestly feel sad for her. She needs some real girlfriends to put her in check!

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