‘She’s only 15 but tempts me so much by sending me her nudes, I am tempted to give in and smash her’ Cries city man

It’s hard to imagine a 15-year-old making s#xual advances at a man, but that is the predicament a city man has found himself in.

The man is torn on what to do, given that the girl is determined to get laid by the guy, from sending him notes and nudes, she is EVIL.

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He says

“I am tempted to sleep with my landlords 15 year old daughter. This girl has been tempting me seriously and I have been respecting myself.

Whenever I am driving to work and she  hangs her inner wear on my car glass, I will throw it away.

If I am at home she will slip love notes under my door, it is that bad that she enters my house and lies that her father sent her to me.

I almost slapped her one day because I saw her like a younger sister. The little girl is so spoilt.”


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The man goes to narrate that all these attempts have now made him start looking at her as a ‘woman’ rather than a small girl.

“This girl has grown above her age, her bust is so big and she has a**, you won’t even believe she is just 15 years.

I don’t know how she got my number and she sends me her naked pictures and I have blocked her but I won’t lie I actually saved those pictures because they are so hot.

I am loosing my grip I think I will fall for her but I feel it is child abuse. Help me I just moved into that house and can’t just move out.

Do I tell her dad? It does not make sense or I should just bang her before another sharp guy does before me.”

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