She’s Balling: This Is The Ridiculous Amount Risper Faith Chopped For A Table (Photos)

When some of us are complaining about the high cost of living, some people are chopping money like mere paper.

Risper Faith has been posting photos and videos for a while now of the progress of her home that is currently under construction.


She also takes her fans with her on shopping sprees for her new home. It seems Nairobi Diaries is paying her pretty well, and her other businesses are bringing mulla home.

Well, while in the spirit of taking her fans on a shopping spree, she thanked her fianc√© for getting her a table she really wanted. But what’s shocking is how much the table costs.


It’s price can pay your rent for a few months and also feed you. But what is money for them, nothing perhaps.

The said table costs a whooping Kshs. 120,000. Yes, that’s right and there are photos to confirm that I’m not making all this up.

Check out the photos below with the price tag;

risper2 risper1

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