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‘She’s a debt ridden gambler’ Co workers tell husband about wifes dirty secret




In Sickness, Health…and Debt?

When you join in matrimony with your spouse, you make the vow to face life’s great moments and challenges together. One vague question arises though – does that include debt?

Say for instance one of you is a diligent saver while the other a spendthrift who is up to their life in debt. What’s worse is if they are a defaulter, what does one do?

What if he/she dreams of starting his/her own business but needs to take out a massive business loan? As his/her spouse, are you going to be on the line if he can’t pay?

Those were some of the points of discussion on Classic 105 where hosts Maina and Kingangi asked listeners to give their opinion.

One frustrated friend told of his co workers struggle with debt and the difficult decision her husband had to make.

Our workmate started getting into wash wash activities,and everybody tried to help her stop and each time she went back to it. I told the husband that let your wife go to jail for a bit to learn a lesson, and believe me as mean as it looks he did just that. I would let my wife go to jail for a bad debt if she did it secretly,

If I was not consulted and you become very arrogant about it run to that person who is a softie, who will side with him/her. If you don’t take a hard stance your children will pay for it, so the best thing is let them deal with it – go to jail

Dear Classic 105 fam, is this a good solution to deal with a spouse who is hardheaded and can’t get out of debt? Drop us your comments below.

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