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She’s 61, He’s 25: Meet Madonna’s new toy boy


Madonna is cosying up to a new man, and the internet has receipts.

A photo of a 25 year old man she is allegedly dating has been dropped online courtesy Page Six, and fans are shock expressing mixed reaction to the news.

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For instance Eekiel Kentei says

 Madonna is 54 and her boyfriends 25, Jennifer Lopez is 43 and her boyfriends 26, so if youre single its ok, maybe hes just not born yet.

He’s one of Madonna’s backup dancers. He’s touring with her right now, and on his Instagram, he frequently posts about their tour — including videos and photos with Madonna in them.

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Here are more reactions from fans:

Madonna ?! Canyon Springs really makes legends I swear

Kenyan man, 31, confesses addiction to the blue pill to impress girlfriend

Madonna f**ks with more young black men than the NYPD

Nig*as from canyon springs have brought home gold & platinum records, went to the NFL, Featured at Art Basel, working with the jabbawovkeez & now fu**in on Madonna ! That school bout to be iconic 😂😂


This guy I went to middle school with is dating Madonna. I literally can’t top that if we gave each other life updates 😂

Some people here who don’t have any respect for Madonna (and other 40+ artists),let me tell you: your fav will eventually get to the age of 40, 50, 60…Will she have achieved half of what Madonna has?No.Never. So stop dragging Madonna just bc you’re young. You haven’t got a clue

Madonna, 61, gets hot and heavy with dancer ‘boyfriend’ Ahlamalik Williams, 26, while with daughter Lourdes, 23, and her mystery man. According to sources: ‘Her friends think she needs to start focusing on older guys if she ever wants to find an enduring relationship!’

You know you’re old when Madonna’s current boyfriend is younger than you

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