Shemeji It’s About To Go Down: Viral photo of chicken served to guests


There is a photo of men staring at chicken served to them, and it has gone viral prompting lots of questions about what is going on.

Everyone wants to the the story behind the photo of food served to these men. Have they been forced to eat owing to their unhappy expressions?

A twitter user has updated us on what is happening here.

Clive Wanguthi wrote:

At a luhya dowry negotiation, every Shemeji is served with his own full chicken!

The men in the photo are dressed in kanzu’s and not smiling, so people are wondering if they feel punished just looking at the whole chicken they have to finish.

Here are hilarious reactions to the photo:
Kwa mbali unaona watoto wako njaa wakikuangalia kwa huruma. You can’t enjoy the food when the rest are starving. You better share whatever is there with all.

Must the whole chicken be served with the legs up and Shemeji staring straight into the BIG O…? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
salaale,hapa hakuna kucheza na chakula,ni kukamata sawa sawa
Hawa hawaezi tumia Choo ya flush. Pit latrine is the sure bet.
His chicken is bigger than the rest, must be the groom or financier !
What if you don’t finish, you don’t get the bride or?
He who eats well eats well. Your future in laws be watching if their daughter will be happy…so you tear those chicken legs without fear or favour

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