Sheila Mwanyigha’s heartwarming birthday message to late dad

Media personality Sheila Mwanyigha has eulogized her late dad on his birthday, saying tht she and the family miss his presence and would give anything to have him here.

Sheila is the daughter of retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Agnes Wanjiru Mwanyigha, and the late Gideon Mwanyigah.

Through her socials she wrote,

“Hey, Dad! It’s another year without you here.
As usual, a lot has happened! I could tell you about the Pandemic, but that would take all day and you’d think I came up with the greatest movie script ever! Even I still don’t believe what the world has been through! Mum remembered your birthday! I used to be the one who remembered everyone’s day but Mum’s great at it now and she sent me a message for you yesterday.
She explained to her dad how the family he left behind is fairing on.”

Adding the fact that he would have been a proud grandfather.

“Mark is well Mark and his two girls are now in school. Dad, you wouldn’t believe how brave Ama was on her first day at school.
Confident, smart, and ready to rule. I think just like Ami, she’ll be super great at anything she chooses to do.
I’m alright and figuring out this thing called life. I still have so many questions, and it’s not always easy. By the way, thanks for the Nandi flame flowers you occasionally leave on my car- the one while I was driving, made me jump, but I did need to pay attention!
I know I’ll see you again soon and I can’t wait, but till then here’s to your birthday with lots and lots and lots of love!❤️❤️❤️

The celebrated media personality was raised in Nairobi’s South C estate.

Speaking about her relationship with her dad in a past interview with The Standard Sheila shared,

My father accompanied me to my first job interview and he and my mum were present during my first gig at Carnivore in 1997.
I remember almost burning the house as a teenager while trying to bake my father a birthday cake and that was the end of my baking career. Mum was furious and dad had mixed feelings! She said she never wanted to hear about cakes in the house. To date, I still don’t know how to bake a cake.
Sheila Mwanyigha says she has also had a close relationship with her mum despite her strictness.


“I had a close relationship with mum but I was confined to rules and regulations which I had to follow to the dot or face her wrath.
For instance, when she wouldn’t let me go clubbing, I perceived it as some sort of punishment but, with time, I realized she had my best interests at heart.
Besides her strictness, my mother was and has always been very supportive of my dreams and goals.”

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