‘She strips every ounce of dignity out of me’ City man confesses being disrespected by his wife despite his senior position (Audio)

You have probably heard the phrase mwanamke ni tabia sura hata mbuzi anayo. This  applies mostly for Kenyan women who have been termed disrespectful.

Maina Kageni could not wrap his head around the fact that despite some men being respected in the whole country, having the president on speed dial, their wives belittle them to an extent of them getting stressed.

Here is what Classic 105’s fans had to say

“When growing up I kept hearing my mother refer to my dad as useless and not because she was mean but because he would dedicate himself to other so much and only give us leftovers.

Every time he came home he was always tired ,not even wanting to talk to my mother but with us there is no smile no emotion nothing.

But when talking to someone else you would see his excitement, he was always giggling, yet he had no interest in the family.”

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She continues

“My mum has been fending for him since he retired 20 years ago,he does not even want to get involved in a business, I do not know what happened to Kenyan men .”

Another says

“I am a director at a real estate company, I am well respected and people even come telling me that they wish they had a marriage like mine, if only they knew.

I decided I will not pay school transport for my kids because I want to spend more time with my kids because when I get home I have to keep quiet because anything I say is used against me later

If  I was given a chance to get married I would not marry this lady, she was a queen when she started dating but she changed so much .”


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He adds

“I looked forward to the day we would love a life together, when you hear people talking about women with sponsors there are times I wish someone can just katia her so that we can share the stress.

Whenever she tells me that anapitia kwa ofisi I make sure that I get something to do outside the office just so that she finds me absent.

I wish you knew whom I am so that you can understand what I mean, this lady peels you like an onion,sometimes I just go to the bathroom and look at the mirror I don’t see anything, she takes everything out of you.”

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