‘She passed on in the house’ Bahati on mother’s death

Bahati tells Diana why he is getting into politics.

The singer was interviewed by wife Diana on Friday March 26.

Kevin Bahati Kioko told Diana that he will write a book about his experience growing and living in Mathare and his mother dying at home.

The revelation was made on Diana Marua’s youtube channel on Friday March 25, where he cried about losing his mum on Christmas day,, 8 years ago.

Diana asked him why he wants to become an MP, and he recounted his mothers experience in a health facility, that drove him to want to change things for poor people.

For me it goes a long way, more than being an MP, it’s more about the people of Mathare and my life. Those who know me for long, they know my story. In brief for the newcomers, my mum and dad lived in Huruma, I have seen the god and bad times of Mathare. I remember I was 6 years old I lost my mum. I was going to class one.. It was in December in Christmas day on 25th. I think losing a mum changes everything. I thought about being left in upcountry after her burial . We were so poor and my dad was not in a position to have a househelp kukua na mtu kungangana na mimi, but here we lived in one room and we were two families in one room. we were not related, it’s your dad ameshikana na baba mwingine. So after the burial, I cried hard so I wouldn’t be left in Ukambani. I entered the pick up that ferried my mothers body to Makueni to come back to Nairobi.

I was just coming back to Nairobi to try my luck. Juu niliteta sana , in my mind I didn’t want to be left behind. And that is how I ended up back in Mathare. Things were tough . I needed to go to school but my bother Kioko could not pay fees, so I went to a children’s home

My mum passed on in the house and believe me until today you know the people in Mathare still have poor health services. The morning my mum passed there is no level five hospital there is no hospital we say you can get quick attention, the morning my mum passed on for you to get help I remember that week before she died, I woke up at 3am to panga line so that your sick person can be treated by 11 am,, ….tears…and that’s how my mum passed on. My mum passed on waiting when someone on the queue hio hospitali, by the time huyu mtu anakuja kutibiwa it’s almost the next day. I remember ndio hata atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba…let me tell you something it was on a Christmas day, ndio nakumbuka ndio atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba because she passed on kama midday alikua kwa nyumba a few hours ndio hapo sasa afungwe na blanketi, sasa hio till today in Mathare there is nothing improving.

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