‘She looked harmless’ Man recalls spiked drink experience on 30th birthday

Stephen Kamau*, 30, counts himself lucky to be alive to tell his story of surviving drink spiking at a club in Ruaka, during his 30th birthday.

For the past week, he has nightmares as he keeps seeing faces of the women who spiked his drink at the club.

Their wicked smiles have refused to go away. He recalls bits and pieces of what happened and his submissive compliance to whatever the women told him.

Group of young people making toast at party
Group of young people making toast at party

“One fine, polished woman approached me and offered to buy my friend and I a bottle of whiskey that retailed at sh6,000. She looked harmless,” Stephen recounts.

A list of the drugs used to spike drinks in clubs

If a window of opportunity appears, they say, don’t pull down the shade.

This saying has never rung truer to Stephen who even offered to pull a chair for her to join them.

“Oh, we are two. Pull another one for my friend,” she said. He pulled two chairs and the friend joined their table.


Hardly did he know that the women had something up their sleeves — a drug that reduces you to a zombie obediently operating under their command by giving her your ATM card and PIN, or taking her to your home.

Sometimes the drug can kill if given in overdose.

“I remember having crippling back and chest pains and going outside the club to get some fresh air,” he recounts.


“I was staggering, my vision was blurry, I lost the feeling in my legs, my head was spinning as if I was about to faint. I felt terrible!”

Stephen after spending 30 minutes outside the club, he walked back.

“I distinctly remember saying ‘I think I’ve been spiked’ four or five times in a slurred speech,” he adds.

Oh!huyu amelemewa apelekwe nyumbani (He is too drunk take him home),” the bouncers replied.

Stephen woke up after 14 hours of sleep to a shock of his life.

“I woke up clothes, my laptop, my phone, my tv set and shoes were gone. They withdrew money from my ATM and even fulizad,” he narrates.

Stephen reported the case and it is currently under investigations. He is on medication.

His friend is still admitted in the hospital. Their case has been taken up by the DCI.

Which drugs do people use to spike drinks at social venues?

The Star took out to investigate and here is a list of drugs used to spike drinks. Read about it by clicking here

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