‘She is cursed’ Esma Platnumz’ first husband lashes out after grand wedding


Days after holding a grand wedding, Esma Platnumz’ past has returned to haunt her.

In a video that has emerged online, Esma’s first husband Petit Man claims Diamonds sister is cursed and will carry this to her next relationship.

In the video, Petit also reveals that he is still in love with her but she is cursed and that her bad luck will be extended to her new man.

Bitter much? Your guess is as good as mine.

Esma and Petit have had a rather interesting relationship that ended in 2018 in acrimony. He insisted he had n ill feelings towards the Platnumz family and added he is not salty about things.

He had said that in an interview with Dissim Online amonth after parting ways

‘I don’t have a problem with the Platnumz family despite my divorce , and upto today I still talk to them, I even comment online . Divorce doesn’t mean the end of the friendship.’

Esma Platnumz and new husband

But in his latest rant in the video after the grand wedding, Petit Man was asked what he misses about Esma two years since they divorced. He did not hold back.

‘ I have missed her alot. Esma is so proud and cursed. It’s tricky handling Esma because of her pride, her attitude and I’m sure there is no other man out there who can put up with her like I can. No one. Sidhani kuna mwanaume mwingine anaweza kuvumilia ujeuri wa Esma.’ 


Esma and new hubby Msizwa

Over the weekend, Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Platnumz held a wedding reception at Lugalo Gold Club in Dar es Salaam. Diamond showered her with gifts, and envious people responded saying’ wataachana tu’.


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