‘She have a big heart to accommodate people…’ Babu Owino brags about his wife

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino says that his wife Fridah Ongili has a big heart that his constituent members need.

Speaking to Shaffie Weru on his Instagram live about why he married Fridah Ongili.

Babu told Shaffie that it is God who gives people good wives.

“In fact, God gave me the best wife. That is a woman without equal. A woman with the head of a man,” he said

Bragging, Babu listed the qualities of Fridah that will make men turn green with envy.

“She is gorgeous. She is beautiful. She is brainy. She went to a national school in Loreto, did Economics, scored a second class Upper-division.”

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Babu noted,
“I will always stand by her side. I will always protect her and in case of anything, we will always be together in this.

The legislator with his wife
The legislator with his wife


“Our future is meant to be together. She is not a politician per se but because her husband is in politics and that is what puts food on our table, then she should be part of it.
Babu continued,

“Secondly, people of Embakasi East also need a first lady and she has a bigger heart than earth or almost the size of the earth to accommodate people of Embakasi East and also Kenyans.”

Asked if in future she ma decide to venture into politics, Babu Owino told Shaffie that his wife is business-oriented.

“She has a vision. I don’t want to force her into what I want to achieve in life. I want her to live her own life. I also want her to achieve what God created her to achieve in life.”

He added,

“I don’t want to put it that she must be a politician. If she wants to join politics, well and good. She has the best teacher.”

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