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‘I am a sharp shooter’, Otile Brown responds to pregnancy rumors

Singer Otile Brown believes he is good in bed.
When he broke up with Vera Sidika, she accused him of not satisfying her in bed adding that he has a small cassava.

In the myriad of Instagram stories, Vera complained about Otile’s member being small, claiming he was a one minute man not knowing how to satisfy her in bed.

She went on to share details and messages that suggested Otile did not encourage enough foreplay as part of making love.

On the other hand, Otile claimed that Vera is a sex addict and that it is all she wants to do when they are together.

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Well, he was live on Instagram with Juma Jux where they spoke about different things and got a chance to brag about his bedroom skills.

Otile Brown and Vera in a file photo
Otile Brown and Vera in a file photo

Asked whether his girlfriend Nabbi is pregnant, Otile said he is yet to get the news.

“You know I’m a sharpshooter, she said she has a surprise for me. She hasn’t told me yet. but what I know is that I’m a sharpshooter,” he said.

After breaking up with Sidika, he started a relationship with Ethiopian bae Nabbi.

Sidika on the other hand dated Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa and have since separated.
Brown is set to release his album ‘Just In Love’ on Wednesday.


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