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Sharon’s murder might have been planned by close relatives of Obado and here is how they planned to eliminate her

Campus student Sharon Otieno’s gruesome murder might have been hatched by close family members of Okoth Obado, according to a new theory as investigation still goes on.

A close friend to the family claims the pregnant campus student was probably killed to avoid shame over suspicions that Obado and his son could both have been dating Sharon.

But the governor’s lawyer, Cliff Ombeta. has vehemently dismissed these allegations.

According to Obado’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta, a few days before she met her death Sharon had texted Obado’s son beseeching him to respect her as his mother now that she was carrying his father’s child.

Sharon and Obado apparently met during a campaign rally in Won In late 2016 thereafter exchanging contacts and Sharon getting invited to Obado’s residence.

Exposed! Here is the message Sharon Otieno wrote to Okoth Obado’s wife before her death

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It was during one of Sharon’s visits that she opened communication with Dan Acho-la Toto, the governor’s son. Dan allegedly promised to ensure that Sharon is given a tender at the county government.

According to the Nairobian, a source who is close to Obado’s family says

“They started dating in April this year and were spotted together in Kisumu and Migori. Sharon feared for her life. She was worried the relative was plotting something bad after realising that she was being monitored and trailed,”

Sharon Otieno

Okoth Obado admits Sharon Otieno’s pregnancy was his. ‘It is normal to have a moment of weakness’ he says

The source also added that the poisoning of Sharon was even considered. The source claims that Michael Oyamo was close to Obado’s wife, allegations lawyer Ombeta denied. It is claimed the official personal assistant to the governor is a man known as Kaspal Obiero.

Ombeta says

“There was no communication between the wife and all those people mentioned in the saga. The governor’s wife did not have Oyamo’s mobile number and she was less concerned about Sharon.”

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